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As many of you know, Rascal Flatts released a catchy new tune last week called, “Back to Life.”

Many fans were quick to point out the new single is not on their latest album, Back to Us.

Which leads us to one question, does Rascal Flatts have an upcoming album in mind?

Well, not quite.

According to Billboard, the band recently revealed that at this time, they have no plans to make another album.

Certainly, that could change, but as of now, Rascal Flatts has opted to release their music song by song, without the daunting task of having to piece together an album.

To be clear, there’s no shortage of albums under Rascal Flatts. The trio has released 11 albums so far during their career.

The band said that cutting music song by song helps them to provide great content to their fans in a timely manner.

Welp, no one can complain about new music.

Keep the songs coming!

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