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During a recent interview, Tim McGraw revealed that his wife, Faith Hill, is going through a tough time right now.

As you know, the couple have three daughters together — Gracie, Maggie, and Audrey.

Their ages range from 16 to 21.

Their youngest, Audrey, is the only one of their girls still living at home with mom and dad.

According to Taste of Country, Tim admits having two of his daughters away from home is difficult for Faith, especially because she knows her youngest will leave the nest in a few years as well.

As Tim puts it, it’s harder on Faith because she has moments where she really misses Gracie and Maggie, and misses taking care of them each day.

No doubt this will be even more difficult for Faith once Audrey leaves.

Still, Tim knows his girls will succeed in life because his wife has been such a great role model.

Tim also offered up some sound advice to all parents out there.

He said, if half of your parenting decisions are right, you’ve done a pretty good job raising your kids.

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