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Last week, Carrie Underwood shared a seemingly innocent photo that has unfortunately received some criticism.

At the time, we reported that the photo proves she’s just as beautiful as ever.

In the photo, which was taken during her music video shoot for “Love Wins,” the slightest scar from her fall last November is visible.

And like we said, she looks beautiful regardless of the scar.

It’s no secret that Carrie was a bit self conscious after her injury and warned her fans back then that she might not look the same when they see her.

Since then, Carrie seems much more at ease and doesn’t fret over how people perceive her.

But, some of the negative Nancy’s had something to say about the picture.

Here is the photo for reference:

… And here is what some individuals had to say about it:

Fizzy_ly told the country star to move on and insisted she was a drama queen, while Ann Marie Pearl asked if people really needed to see her drag out the reveal of the scar since it really isn’t that noticeable. In the same comment, she also called her a narcissist.

It seems as though Carrie can’t win. What we should take away from Carrie posting photos that clearly show her scar is that people should embrace their scars and flaws and love them — Because every scar has a story. Carrie overcame her injuries and is back to her old self and is thriving in the music industry.

Thankfully, her true fans had the country star’s back. Jade Nutt applauded Carrie for being more comfortable with her appearance to show her scar to the world. User Kkaatn called out the haters and asked what was wrong with them. Adding, Carrie didn’t chose to become injured.

Screenshots of the comments were captured by Little Things. You can see them by clicking here.

Negativity aside, Carrie took to the stage last night to sing her new song, “Spinning Bottles,” much to the delight of the crowd. Underwood also took home a souvenir from the show — An award for Favorite Female Country Artist.

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