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During a recent interview, Nikki Bella had something quite odd to say about John Cena.

Let’s recap real quick:

As you know, John Cena and Nikki Bella dated for quite some time, got engaged, had plans to marry, and then called off their engagement/future marriage. At one point, it seemed as though the two would reconcile, but alas now it seems like they are officially over — For good.

It came out later that neither was willing to sacrifice their career for the other person and she wasn’t the type to watch her significant other from the sidelines.

So, back to this interview.

According to People Magazine, during the breakup, Nikki was fearful that all the rumors and gossip would hurt her career.

In truth she said her and John agree that they don’t want people talking about them at all anymore, and don’t want what happened between them to negatively impact their careers.

At that point Nikki said she’s not legally allowed to utter John’s full name.

Wait, what?!

She can’t be serious, right?

The reporter notes that when Nikki made that statement, she smiled slightly at sister — As if the two understood it was either a joke, or they were acknowledging the backstory behind it.

This one could go either way …

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