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Listen up, everyone! Dale Earnhardt Jr. has something to say.

The former NASCAR driver recently released new details regarding his retirement in his new book, Racing to the Finish: My Story.

When Dale retired, many of his fans speculated his wife had either influenced his decision or downright forced him to retire. However, in the book, Dale speaks out about those rumors.

According to People Magazine, he admits that a lot of his fans had a difficult time accepting his retirement, so-much-so that it was almost as if they needed to blame someone over his decision.

Dale said the notion that Amy forced him to retire is simply not true, adding she was the one setting the alarm every night and helping him stay in shape after he suffered a head injury.

Admittedly, Amy never told Dale he should stop racing, rather, he made that decision for his own personal wellbeing.

In recent months, people do seem to have come to terms with the fact Earnhardt isn’t returning to a race car, but no matter what, racing will always be near and dear to his heart — Even if he has to enjoy it as a fan from afar.

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