The Big Wake Up With Don Chase and Sarah

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If I heard it once, I heard it 75 times last week, enjoy the additional 60 minutes of shut eye this weekend. Someone else said, “we get the hour back that Spring robbed us of.” Really? Please, someone tell my body. There I was, Sunday morning, 5:57am, wide awake and sitting in front of my laptop streaming The BIG 957. So much for the “extra” hour.

Speaking of being robbed, with the time change, many of us go to work in the dark and also arrive home in complete darkness. Is it just me? Someone, please leave the time alone! Arizona and Hawaii have no time change and they seem to do well. I like the extra daylight, especially late in the day. Since last weekend’s time change, I have been waking up almost an hour earlier every day.

Last Friday, my WKML Morning Show partner Sarah found a study that said in reality we only get an extra 12 minutes of sleep after a time change takes place.

One other thing. Debbie and I are relaxing in our living room a few nights ago when she said, “it’s bedtime.” I agreed. On the way to the kitchen to recharge my phone, I looked down at the time. 7:35pm. Say what? My body felt like it was 10pm. Oh, I just noticed the time, 5:00pm. My eyes are feeling a little heavy. Thanks much. I really enjoyed this therapy session. See you next time.