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Luke Combs Fires Back At Upset Fan Online

Yesterday, a fan of Luke Combs posted a photo on Twitter of her trying to purchase two tickets to one of his upcoming shows.

The total purchase of the tickets came to over $700.

In the tweet, the woman, who has since made her account private, asked Luke why the tickets were so expensive.

Luke responded, somewhat sarcastically, to tell the woman that she had ordered two tickets which was why the total was so much.

But, then he went on to say the show she was trying to purchase tickets for was sold out and that he only charges $50 per ticket to his shows. He asked that she not at him in the post next time, because she was trying to purchase scalper tickets.

Luke Combs ???? on Twitter

Well, there's two reasons. 1. You're getting two tickets, so 356 + 356 equals 712. 2. That show is sold out, so let's dive into that. It means that you're looking at what we call a "Resale Ticket" or a "Scalper Ticket" I charged 50 bucks for my tickets, so next time don't @ me.

Apparently, there was some back and forth with the tweets, but again we can't see her response because she has made her tweets private.

In the end though, Combs did the right thing and said he would leave two tickets for the woman at will call.

This interaction is a good lesson that scalpers are ruthless and take advantage of fans. The best defense is to not purchase resale tickets.

Luke Combs ???? on Twitter

Brianne, I think that the Tea, Savageness, rudeness, or whatever people want to call it from me is an effective to reach my fan base as a whole about scalpers. Nothing personal. I'm gonna leave you two tickets for that night at will call. Enjoy and see you there!

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