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Fans of ‘Fixer Upper’ may be surprised to learn how Chip Gaines really feels about his former show.

During a recent interview with Cowboys and Indians, Gains revealed that he struggled during filming of the last couple of seasons of the show.

As Chip tells it, filming towards the end felt unnatural and seemingly staged.

At times, it was as if the production crew was telling Chip to be funny or to do this or that, which obviously presented its share of challenges for both Chip and his wife.

As time went on, it felt as though the couple were acting more than they were being themselves.

Chip admits that he does have fond memories of the show, but filming felt more and more like a job, rather than something the couple could do for fun.

As previously reported, the couple will soon return to TV on the Discovery network. Perhaps, this time around, the show will be filmed on their terms and it won’t feel as forced as filming for ‘Fixer Upper’ did.

Time will tell …

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