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Luke Combs Gives Us Some News We've All Been Waiting For!!

I'm a huge Luke Combs fan.  The one thing I love/hate about him is he's always writing and performing new songs at his concerts.  Whern most people try out new songs at their concert, their audience makes a bee line for the restrooms.  Not when Luke shares a new song...When Luke shares something new he's written a lot of people whip out their phones and record it.  Here's why I hate this part...I always LOVE any new song he does!  But now I gotta wait almost forever for him to record it and put it out!  Well, good news! In a recent interview Luke said all those awesome unreleased songs are now being recorded! The one I'm waiting for is "Beer Never Broke My Heart!" Luke promises that that one along with many other unreleased songs are in the studio now!
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