Anyone who has ever been in a relationship can relate to John King’s latest single, “Try Saying Goodbye.”

The new tune explores the universal difficulties of negotiating relationships — Paired with the realization that all too often, pride can get in the way of what’s important.

During the writing process, King, who has been with his high school sweetheart since he was 15, admits he tried to visualize how different his life would be today if he had said goodbye instead of sorry — And how he would have missed out on so much joy in his life.

The chorus, which starts out with “Hey, nobody said love is easy,” walks us through a typical disagreement between a couple, and how swallowing your pride can ultimately save the relationship.

As the country artist tells it, “This is hands down one of my favorite songs I’ve ever written.” He continues, “Looking back, there were so many times I almost let my pride get in the way of what was really important. Sometimes saying sorry seems like the hardest thing to do when you’re in an argument (usually over something that isn’t even a big deal). When we wrote this song, I tried to imagine what it would have been like if I would have said goodbye by letting my pride get the best of me.”

Give “Try Saying Goodbye” a listen below:

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