Big Boy Elroy's Weekly Weigh In!!

Okay, so I gotta say drinking a lot more water this past week and stayed on the wagon EVEN DURING THE SUPER BOWL!! Trying to do more 16 to 18 hour fasts to help with the dropping of the weight.  Also....and I hate this part...I'm limiting myself to only 2 pieces of bacon a day!!! I know right!? I'm all about that bacon life baby!  But the days keep coming and leaving and I'm getting closer to my next birthday and my goal of 215 by January 3rd 2020!  My wife Kelly is doing her own thang diet wise..she's gotta have her beer and bread.  But my buddy Gary who is  a WKML listener is joined up with me and man he has lost 20 pounds already!! Pretty soon we're gonna start trading recipes and what not!!  So this week I'm down below 280 and weighed in at 278.5 only 63.5 more pounds to go to hit my goal weight!  And here's the's not like if I hit my goal weight early I've succeeded, no, I have to be that weight on my birthday!!  I know it's gonna be a difficult time during the holidays...but one hell of a birthday party baby!!  If you want to join my and Gary on our weight loss journey, email me [email protected]