Big Boy Elroy's Weekly Weigh In!

Well, another week another weigh in.  This past week wasn't too bad as far as dealing with cravings and falling off the wagon.  So far I'm pretty good with staying on track with what I'm eating but the fasting for 16 hours is what keeps getting me.  I'll still get up and grab a snack thus pushing my fasting time back later in the day.  Humans are creatures of habit and when I wake up in the morning I feel the need to cook some bacon and eggs for my wife and me.  Speaking of bacon, I limited myself to just 2 pieces of bacon a day for the last week and that my friend is rough.  What I did do is continued to drink a lot of water during the day and I can say it does help. Also every week I have been getting a salad from Jersey Mike's Subs.  I know, a salad from JM?  I get the #17 Philly Cheese Steak in a container.  It's really good and it's so juicy I don't need any salad dressing on it.  So here's the cool thing....I decided to make my own version.  I went to the store bought a bunch of Steak-Umms, onions, green peppers, Iceberg lettuce, and a bunch of White American Cheddar.  I cooked up all the ingredients and put it in one container and kept the lettuce in another container so I could heat the meat and veggies up and then mix it with the cold lettuce. A perfect 10 is an exact replica of JM's I'll give it a 7.5 for my version.  I might even do a quick video this week.  My man Gary is still killing it this week.  Here's what he said to me in an email this week:

What’s up brother? How’s the diet treated you this week? I lost almost 6 pounds this week. Down from my starting weight of 392.2 to 366.4

I'm so glad Gary has come along with me to do this.  It is easier when you got a buddy on the road with you.  My weight loss this week not as much as Gary...but, slowly but surely it's coming off.  This week down a few pounds to: 274.5!!  What's that...59.5 more pounds to het my goal weight of 215?  I'm not great at math...but close enough right? If you wanna join us email me [email protected]