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Keith Urban played at Nashville’s Ryman Auditorium on Thursday to debut a brand new song at the Universal Music Group Country Radio Seminar luncheon. It was so new, in fact, that Urban forgot the words in mid-song.

After telling the crowd that he just got back from Australia on the Graffiti U World tour and will be heading to Europe soon, he said he’d been in the studio working on brand new music including a song he wrote called “We Were.”

The song was a love song that Urban stumbled a bit on after the first verse. He told the crowd, “Oh my gosh, I forgot the words of this damn song can you believe it? As the crowd laughed he continued, “Literally fresh, brand new… Vince (Gill) you can relate to this I know. Normally this is what I’d do if I forgot the words, I’d be like, (inaudible words) and I’d wiggle the mic cord but there is none on this microphone.” He then continued singing the song’s chorus and managed to recall the rest of the words.

See a clip of his performance here:

-Nancy Brooks