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National Drink Wine Day! Sarah's Top 3 Bottles Under $25

Perhaps you need to make it up to your sweetheart that you forgot Valentines Day? Or maybe you need to just unwind after a long day at the office! Here are 3 tasty bottles for under $25!

Monday February 18th was National Drink Wine Day! Do you really need an excuse? Whether you're looking to treat your case of the "Mondays" or you're pairing a bottle of wine with dinner, here are 3 great suggestions you can try. BONUS! They all cost under $25!!

1)Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc. Pairs best with goat cheese, oysters, delicate fish, and pesto

2)Josh Cellars Merlot. Pairs great with steak, roast chicken, meatloaf, beef stew or even shepherd's pie

3)Kendall-Jackson Pinot Gris. Pairs well with halibut, lemon chicken piccata, spaghetti carbonara, and scallops

Pick up a bottle today at your local grocery store and enjoy a nice sip of wine without breaking the bank!