Just call me Tri-Sarah-tops because this girl officially has triceps! For the first time since starting this fitness journey, I am seeing results and it is awesome!

Sticking to a gym routine has admittedly been difficult. I am the Queen of excuses! I had my sister’s baby shower. My friend came into town to visit me for a few days. I don’t have time. BLAH BLAH BLAH!! Teaching my brain to stop with the excuses is going to continue to be my biggest hurdle! Which is ridiculous because I have seen the results of my hard work!

Speaking of hard work, I consistently went to the gym for almost a whole month. I averaged 3-4 gym sessions per week with rest days in between. For example, Monday would be working biceps and chest. Wednesday would be leg day. Friday would be triceps, shoulders, and back. And then Saturday or Sunday would be a lighter day – I like to switch it up between some cardio, yoga, or even just a really good 20 minute stretching session. The weather hasn’t been the best lately for hiking, but I would still like to aim for a good hike once a week.

And low and behold, all of the hard work paid off! Is that a REAL muscle I see?! Okay okay, so it’s super tiny… but it’s there! And seeing the physical results of my work feels AWESOME! Going to the gym in general feels awesome! I never regret going (I ALWAYS regret not going!) and I feel happy and less stressed after a good workout!

Now comes the hard part – making sure I continue to keep it up and go consistently! I have a tendency of seeing results and then stopping! But when you have a leg day like I did in the video below, it can be hard to stay motivated!

What suggestions do you have to stay motivated? Let’s start March off on the right foot together!