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Ok, what will it take? What will it take you ask? Yes, what will it take for someone to keep their hands off of my

Yes, what will it take for someone to keep their hands off of my clock? Say what? In my humble opinion, please, leave the time alone. No more “spring forward, fall back” blah blah blah. And if that’s not enough, we then reverse that policy in the Fall.  Please? Look, I know I am not alone when it comes to the topic of the time change. Some like the early evenings. I fall into the other category. Give me all of the daylight I can get. After over 29 years on the BIG 957 morning show, it’s safe to assume that I really really really love mornings. Also, I absolutely love those Spring, Summer and Fall evenings. There’s nothing better than being outside late on a Summer day when the stars come out and the cool air rolls in. The great aroma of freshly cut grass fills the air. The sound of birds and crickets can be heard along with the 200 croaking bullfrogs in my neighbor’s pond. Love it. Love it. Sadly, I am usually in my yard alone because my wife Debbie is deathly afraid that she is going to see or step on one of those creepy, crawly, slithering things. You know, a snake. In the over 20 years we have lived at our current address, I have only seen one snake and that was a harmless corn snake. Little does Debbie know, I invited it to stay. What will it take for no more time change? Or, am I all wet? Maybe you prefer to keep things as they are? Either way, we will survive right. Would love to hear your opinion.