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It hasn’t even begun – the man has yet to set foot on a stage, the drummer has yet to hit a downbeat, the band has yet to play a note – but already Garth Brooks’ first Stadium Tour is breaking records, setting new ones and making history in cities nationwide!!


With this morning’s announcement this his April 23 show in Gainesville, Florida is sold out – he’ll be playing to over 75,500 people there next month – every announced stop on the tour is not only a sellout: each one is a new milestone!

Consider this:

–Saturday’s tour kickoff in St. Louis at The Dome at America’s Center will set the all-time record for any paid event at the stadium!

–Two weeks from now, Garth will set a record for the largest concert attendance in the history of State Farm Stadium in the Glendale home of the NFL’s Arizona Cardinals!

–Garth’s April show in Gainesville will find him playing to the largest crowd of any non-athletic event in the history of the University of Florida’s Ben Hill Griffin Stadium!

–His May stop in Minneapolis – already additionally notable after an initial sellout at U.S. Bank Stadium prompted then-Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton to publicly request Garth add a second show, which also sold out – will be the largest concert attendance in the history of the Minnesota Vikings’ stadium!

–When Garth plays Pittsburgh’s Heinz Field later in May, he’ll be in front of the largest crowd ever in the history of the storied Steelers’ stadium!

“It’s a big ask for an artist to ask people to show up like that,” Garth noted when he announced the Stadium Tour last fall (just days before the Notre Dame Stadium concert that set the stage for it). With six sellouts in the first five cities – record-shattering crowds, at that – it would seem people have no problem with that “big ask” and they’re clearly ready to “show up.” “It should be nothing but just fun out there when we get to play. I can’t think how to make music more fun than to add sports to it.”