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Luke Combs says that country music success and even a Grammy nomination hasn’t made him more than just a common guy who does everyday things.

Combs said during an interview a few weeks ago that he still does what has to be done around his house despite a little bit more money, chart-topping songs and headlining status.

“Somebody showed up at my house yesterday to do an interview and I was out changing the cat litter and they were just floored like, ‘My husband doesn’t even do the chores.”’ he shares. “And I was like, well I just don’t want the cats crapping in the house just cause I’ve got a couple songs on the radio. I really just am the same as I was before. You know, I’ve just got nicer boots now.”

Luke even says on the road he and the guys in the band try to see who can eat the most at Taco Bell adding, “You know, I’m just the same guy I was in college.”

Combs is in the middle of his first arena headlining tour playing shows this weekend in Mississippi and Alabama. Next week he’s off to Australia to play a bunch of dates.

-Nancy Brooks