Country News

When Reba McEntire Told CBS This Morning that she was disappointed that there weren’t any females in the Entertainer of the Year Category at the upcoming Academy of Country Music Awards, she wasn’t alone.

Reba, who will host the ACM Awards again this year, said on the morning show the day she announced the nominees, “It doesn’t make me very happy, because we’ve got some very talented women out there who are working their butts off.”

Entertainer of the Year winner and a nominee again this year Luke Bryan told Buzzfeed News, he felt the same way. “It’s something on everybody’s radar, and it’s so good that it’s on everybody’s radar, and I think Reba has earned the right to voice her opinion on matters like that,” Luke says. “Somebody like Reba has to stand up and say to the Academy of Country Music and all forms of country music awards shows. It does get a little bit tricky when it is a naturally male-heavy format, but there’s so many women out there that should feel the right to speak up.”

Bryan is just one of country’s male superstars that has weighed in and agreed with Reba on her stance, Keith Urban and Dierks Bentley have echoed Luke’s sentiment.

-Nancy Brooks