Country News

Florida native Brian Kelley called in to help his neighbors when the Pan Handle of Florida was devastated last October by Hurricane Michael.

Kelly and his wife, along with several friends, brought in supplies, volunteered, delivered food, donated money and did whatever they could to help residents in some of the hardest hit areas, and they’re continuing to help with the recovery efforts, which could take years.

Kelly said, “It’s gonna be a long road, but the vibe down there is community, is come together, let’s work hard, let’s band together. And we work closely with a lot of different organizations down there, and volunteering and donating money, time, supplies. But the people of Florida are strong, and they’re resilient.”

“We’re just thankful to give back. That’s something that’s been on my heart my mind for a couple of years as these hurricanes have been rolling in and it’s nice to help,” he adds. “And I’m a Florida boy, tried and true, so it was literally, like basically in our backyard, 37 miles away. And we honestly kind of felt God saying, you know it didn’t happen to y’all, so y’all could help. That’s as real as it gets and so we just kind of put boots to the ground and still at it, still working closely with a bunch [of] different organizations. And through devastation. A lot of good can happen.”

-Nancy Brooks