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Carly Pearce has been hitting the road hard and heavy in the last couple of years and she has some tricks for touring with a “bunch of guys.”

As the only female on her tour bus, Carly Pearce finds ways to put her feminine touch on parts of the bus. She says of her band, “They would tell you I throw up all of my stuff in the front lounge of our bus and take over. I think one thing that comes to mind is I have all kinds of hairsprays. I have hairspray, texture spray, wave spray, freeze spray. And my band would tell you they’ve probably ingested at least half of the bottles that I’m using because it’s sprayed all the time.”

To make things even more girly, Carly also has some pretty scented candles on the bus, so at least it smells nice.

Pearce is currently touring Australia but will be back in the Staes in April with shows in California and Florida.

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