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Maren Morris’ new Girl album has been taking fans on a journey of the last few years of Morris’ life according to the singer.

Morris shares in a video interview, “I feel like it’s a really duel kind of album because I am still very much this independent, sassy, Texan and then and at the same time I’ve become in many ways a more confident, better listening woman than I ever have been before.”

She notes that she had a lot of songs to select from for the album. “I kind of just choose the songs that I love the most and then it tells me what the message is. I feel like the message presents itself to me, at least that’s how the last two albums have been.”

She adds, “Girl is really about the journey of being a woman that in so many ways is still so naive and youthful and crazy and fun and then also then settling into womanhood is the other side and realizing it’s not all about you. You’re sharing yourself with someone else and to be a good partner and how to thank them for being a partner to you.”

Maren was just announced as a performer for the upcoming Academy of Country Music Awards along with Brothers Osborne as an “ACM Flashback” performance. The ACMs air live from Las Vegas on April 7th on CBS.

-Nancy Brooks