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Kip Moore’s latest single “The Bull” From his Slowheart album tells the story of his fans’ lives.

Kip shares, “I’ve heard thousands of stories from fans. This is definitely a favorite on the Slowheart record. I’ve counted over a thousand tattoos in meet-and-greets all with ‘thanks to the bulls that bucked me off.’ This song is not only my song, but it’s every fan’s song.”

Moore tweeted a bit of inspiration last night saying, “Chasing a dream will always b tough, otherwise everyone would do it. Staying true to your inner voice while chasing it….even more tough.”

Kip makes the trek north of the border into Canada this week to play shows in Moncton tonight (4/18) Halifax on Friday (4/19) and Charlottesville, Canada on Saturday (4/20).

-Nancy Brooks