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When Kelsea Ballerini was inducted as the latest member of the Grand Ole Opry, Carly Pearce took notice.

Pearce has been performing on the Opry stage even before she got her record deal. She says, “I look at my heroes as Dolly, Reba, Faith, Trisha, all of them being members of the Opry and all of them being key parts of our community. And to me, the highest honor you can have within our community and within our genre is to be asked to be a member.”

She has played over 50 shows at the Opry already, and she says she goes back every time she gets a chance.

Carly says of Opry membership, “I hope that 50 years down the road I’m one of the faces of the Opry. I want to be on one of those buses the way Carrie [Underwood] is or Dolly is where it says ‘Grand Ole Opry’ and you associate them with it. That’s how I want to be and that’s how I want the Opry to be attached to me.”

Carly will be performing on the Grand Ole Opry this Tuesday night (4/23), along with her fiancée, Michael Ray.

-Nancy Brooks