Country News

Brantley Gilbert and Lindsay Ell’s song, “What Happens in a Small Town,” was written by Brantley and is about not being able to escape the memory of your ex- when you break up in a small town.

As Gilbert says, he and his wife Amber endured a breakup before they got married, which inspired songs like this one. He said, “You write songs about it and it’s like you relive it every time.”

He continued, “But I did find that a lot of, even the sad ones about breakups when it came to Amber, it kind of helped. Every time I play it you kinda cope with it a little different and a little more and you have to fight through it to get through a show, so then you just figure out how to fight through it and get through life.”

The good news is that any emotions Brantley relied on to write “What Happens in a Small Town,” are all in the past. These days, he and Amber are happily married and expecting their second child, a little girl, this fall.

Gilbert kicks off his “Not Like Us” Tour in June in Cincinnati.

-Nancy Brooks