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A couple of weeks ago, Sarah and I were discussing a new survey that said over 50% of people feel that familyrecipes actually bring their families closer together. The LG Electronics study also found that 40% of people are worried that their family heritage will be lost if family recipes are not passed down. From time to time, I read these types of studies and I have to be honest. I feel quite a bit of sadness simply because I never thought of writing down my families favorite recipes until it was too late. In fact, Debbie was the first to plant the seed. One day my wife Debbie was talking to a friend when she said, “Don’s Mom made the best dressing ever.” I was so honored that she would give my Mom such a huge compliment. Let me tell you, Mom’s dressing was out of this world. It was so moist but somehow held firm and a bowl full right now would be wonderful. Also, my grandmother made a to-die-for fruit cake every Christmas. Yes, I am one of the few who freely admit that I love fruitcake. Now, do you want to hear the sad part? Both Mom and grandmom have passed on and no, I never wrote those awesome recipes down. In fact, I don’t remember Mom or Granny ever using a recipe for their glorious creations. Just last week, Debbie was telling a friend that my Mom was the only person she knew who could take instant potatoes out of the box and make them taste like fresh out of the garden taters. Oh, if only I could turn back time. May I leave you with an idea? Get those recipes and while the author of those recipes is still around, get in the kitchen and make your attempt to create the magic that has brought you so many fond memories of the past. I cannot think of a better way to honor someone who means so much.