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Thomas Rhett has many women his life including his two daughters Willa Gray and Ada and of course his wife Lauren, so this Mother’s Day (5/12) is a big one.

Thomas shares, “I never thought that I could love my wife more until I saw her become a mother. And so I think it makes you, first of all, have a lot more respect for Mother’s Day for your own mom, knowing how much your mom did for you. But then when you get to watch your wife do it to your own kids it takes that intensity to a different level.”

He continues, “And it really makes Mother’s Day more of just like a, ‘Hey Mom, Happy Mother’s Day,’ into like, ‘Hey thank you, for like being the most amazing mother on the planet because without you this would all fall apart.’”

Rhett also knows that without the sacrifices of his mom, and the sacrifices of his wife, Lauren, who often takes care of the family when he’s gone on the road, that none of his career would be possible. And so he says, “Mother’s Day, we celebrate it with Lauren’s mom and my mom and it just means so much more now that I have kids than it used to before [I had kids].”

Thomas is currently in Canada with dates left on his “Life Changes Tour,” but fortunately he’ll have Mother’s Day off, before kicking off the “Very Hot Summer Tour” on May 17 in the U.S.

-Nancy Brooks