Country News

Country music legend Garth Brooks (as if you needed the full name) seems to be hinting that new music is coming to radio soon. The G Man chimed in on his Facebook show “Inside Studio G” after his recent Minneapolis concert.

“The last single before the album comes out – that’s about to come out – will come out to your local country radio station,” he said. “So proud to partner with country radio. Cannot thank you enough for our lives, country radio.”

Watch the full episode of “Inside Studio G” on Garth’s Facebook page here.

And it looks like Garth has plans for that new song to be a fun stadium banger, saying it will be like “a modern-day ‘Friends In Low Places’ for me. And I’m so excited about it.”

Garth talked about the new track on the episode where he recapped his amazing Minneapolis show, and previewed his upcoming Pittsburgh show – featuring special guests Midland!

“I’m gonna need some help with this single – that’s how big it is,” Brooks said of his new track. “So we’re gonna call in a friend with us on this. So, this…this should be an event for us.”

– Brandon Plotnick

Brandon Plotnick is a former sports journalist, now living in the digital space with interests all over the musical and pop culture map.