Country News

Justin Moore and his wife Kate have four small children at home and Moore knows how much his young wife does to make the family work; the couple has been together since they were 18.

Justin shares, “My wife Kate is a great mom. It’s been pretty neat to see her morph into a different figure. You know when we first started dating we were both young kids and I always knew she’d be a good mom, but it’s pretty cool to see her in action as a mom. She’s been great.”

As a matter of fact, Moore didn’t realize just how great of a mom she would be, “She’s exceeded all of my prior expectations. She’s been great and I can’t say enough about all she does. She’s unselfish, she stays at the house while I’m out on the road and is a great teacher.”

Justin will be off the road and home in Arkansas to celebrate Mother’s Day on May 12 with Kate and their four kids.

-Nancy Brooks