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Kelsea Ballerini is an ambassador and role model for the Barbie doll company in their 60th Anniversary.

In a video clip she posted on Instagram today, Kelsea said of a recent autograph session at Wal-Mart, “There were three girls super young one had a chef Barbie, one had a ballerina Barbie and one had a rock star Barbie. That’s the first step is having a model in every career that is breaking those barriers and those glass ceilings. Being able to look up to someone and say ‘I wanna do that.’ Like she did,”

She continued, “There’s gonna be a day where every little girl that can look up to something that’s in the field that they want to be in.”

Ballerini posted to Instagram, “Inspiration is a chain reaction. Whether it’s a friend that encourages you to take a chance, a teacher or colleague that challenges you to push yourself, or your favorite musician, politician, chef, journalist, entrepreneur, anything. It’s a beautiful thing to remember that we are ALL that for somebody, and appreciating the people that are that for us. So whether you’re following in another woman’s footsteps or blazing your own trail, you really CAN be anything. Thanks for having me be a role model, @barbie! Go check out the whole Be Anything tour schedule at @walmart.”

Kelsea is in the middle of her 2019 headlining “Miss Me More Tour.”

-Nancy Brooks