Country News

Thomas Rhett’s new Center Point Road album will be out on May 31 and Thomas is planning to play the whole album at Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, during CMA Fest on Saturday, June 8.

Thomas tells fans in an Instagram video, ‘We’ve tried to figure out a way to celebrate this album and here’s what we came up with June 8th at CMA Fest, you’re already gonna be there, we’re gonna host a special event and we’re gonna play some broke down versions of the new songs. We’re gonna tell you the way we wrote them, how we recorded them and we’re also gonna have some special guests.”

Rhett posted this morning, “Celebrating Center Point Road in the best place I know how to … home. NASHVILLE – see you June 8th (Saturday of #CMAFest) at Bridgestone Arena for a Center Point Road Experience album release event. Tickets are $25 and include a copy of the album. Proceeds to benefit music education through the @cmafoundation.”

“We’ve been able to do album release parties all over the country, but to host one in my own backyard during CMA Fest when country music fans are here from all over the world is incredible,” he said. “Nashville is home to the memories and stories from this album that made me into the person I am today, and to also be able to help raise money for Music Education while we celebrate this release makes it extra special.”

Longtime fans will recognize the “B-stage” layout, inspired by Thomas Rhett’s live show where he shares stories behind the songs.

-Nancy Brooks