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Brantley Gilbert’s toddler boy Barrett is like most kids and has a bunch of kid’s TV shows that he loves to watch, but as Brantley shares there’s something he likes even more.

Brantley admits, “What’s funny is like, the animated movies and stuff, like I love ‘em! They’re pretty good nowadays.”

A good part of the reason dad is so tolerant of the kids show is because the 18-month-old doesn’t watch them constantly. Gilbert says, “He loves Puppy Dog Pals, he loves Mickey, he likes Paw Patrol, but he doesn’t watch enough of it. When I say this kid wants to be outside I mean he wants to get outside. He would rather stand on the windowsill and look out the window than he would sit in front of the TV, and that’s the honest to God truth.”

He continues, “He’ll go over there and he’ll stomp his foot and he’ll look at the TV, but when the song goes off, he’s over it. He’s ready to go outside.”

There’s a great chance that Brantley will be seeing plenty of kids’ shows when he takes the family out on the road with him this summer on his “Not Like Us” tour.

-Nancy Brooks