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Keith Urban released his “We Were” single today.

Keith posted to Instagram yesterday, “#WeWere • TOMORROW”


11k Likes, 156 Comments - Keith Urban (@keithurban) on Instagram: "#WeWere * TOMORROW"

The song is a love song about the way that two people were before they said goodbye.

The song says in part, “We were a couple of line-steppers that just couldn’t wait to step over the line / Never thinking we wouldn’t last / I was your first and you were mine.”

The chorus sums up the way it is now saying all the things they loved to do together including “wearing leather jackets hanging onto Harley” and “hanging out over the edge of a water tower skyline” and then to the sad truth, “I am who I am, I just miss who I was when we were.”

In the end Urban sings, “Friends say, oh well / Let that ship sail / You gotta let go of her / Just wasn’t meant to be / But somewhere down deep, I still believe that we were.”

Urban has been in the studio working on his next album. Tonight (5/14), he plays Nashville’s Grand Ole Opry stage.

-Nancy Brooks