Country News

Luke Bryan is heading out on the road for his “Sunset Repeat” tour with old friends Cole Swindell and Jon Langston.

As Luke told us, part of his road experience is about writing new music, “So many times after show in the bus, Cole’s out writing, I’m out writing and hopefully we can write together. Just in that room a second ago I played Cole a new song the I had written.”

Bryan continues, “That’s what it’s all about for me; I mean, we get so excited. The day that I don’t get excited about a song and excited about watching people’s reactions to it is when I need to stop doing music. So we’re gonna be out there getting inspired by the crowd and writing some and huddling up am listening to our new music that we’re in the studio working on.”

Luke’s “Sunset Repeat” tour kicks off on May 31st in New Jersey.

-Nancy Brooks