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Maren Morris is frequently on the road, and being on the road makes it difficult to stay in great shape. She discusses her routine in a new interview; she’s featured on the cover of this month’s Women’s Health magazine.

According to the article, she’s been spending the better part of a year keeping her body and habits in check. She’s working out with fitness expert Erin Oprea, who trains Carrie Underwood, and  she’s staying disciplined with both her workout regimen and her diet.

Maren said, “When I’m out there, I make it count. I know I’ll feel awful if I don’t eat right after burning all those calories in the show.” Also when she’s on the road, three times a week she rolls out a mat on her bus, puts on Cardi B’s “Money,” and props up Oprea on an iPad via FaceTime for an hour. Her least favorite excercise? “Squat lunges are the worst. They’re so hard because that’s the area I need it most—my thighs and butt.”

Even on her phone she has pictures that inspire her to stay in shape: photos of the new Lara Croft, “This is what I have to look at every time I unlock it—if I’m at a bar, or eating a french fry. So that’s motivating.”

Morris posted to her socials this morning, “This year I’ve been a “student of the soul.” Therapy + exercise. Thx @ErinOprea for teaching me that it isn’t about carb paranoia or deprivation, it’s about moderation. I’ve never loved my body more. & thx @lizplosser + @WomensHealthMag for the honor of being your covergirl!”

Maren is currently playing shows on her “Girl” tour in Europe.

-Nancy Brooks