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Eric Church played Nashville’s Nissan Stadium on Saturday (5/25) and broke Taylor Swift’s record for attendance.

Church had to delay the show open to allow the new record-setting concert crowd of 56,521 fans into Nissan Stadium.

The show began with Eric appearing at the end of his 50-yard-line catwalk beneath a single spotlight to set the tone for the marathon Saturday night show that lasted almost four hours.

Church told the crowd, “I came here 15 years ago and I had dreams, but I’m not sure I could dream this big. Tonight is a special night for me and you know this if you’ve been to any of our shows on the Double Down Tour… I’m gonna give you everything I’ve got all night long, and tonight is going to be a revival. I promise you.”

Good night Nashville! ????: @johnshearer

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Eric has a fan club that he calls the Church Choir and as he shared in an earlier interview with us, through the years he has come to know many of the members of that club. He said, “I recognize them in the crowd. A lot of times I know their names and talk to them, We come from, different people have different paths, but we directly came from being up close and personal with our fans because of the places we’ve played. I know a lot of ‘em and recognize even more of them when they’re in the crowd, and it’s always neat to see them out there. It’s just fun for me.”

He continued, “I wonder what they feel like when they think about the places that were about empty and they were standing there giving me all they had to turn around now and see all these other people there. I think that would just have to be a neat thing for them too, because they were the ones that discovered it and they were the ones that told other people about it. And I think there’s nothing cooler for a recording artist to have somebody that loves what you do and believes in what you do so much that they really make it their cause and champion to go out there and push it on other people that maybe don’t know about it. They’re the reason I’m here, and they’re the ones that picked up the flag and carried it up the hill.”

-Nancy Brooks