Country News

While on tour in Bristol, England, Maren Morris took to Twitter to voice her thoughts on how the media can twist her words to in order to create a more clickbaity story.

She posted to Twitter, “A human simply seeks human help and the world turns it into “HE’S NOT OKAY.” So gross that mental health is a charade and not looked at as healthy as a physical. Can we please do better as a society?”

A few hours later she Tweeted, “I’ve openly talked about therapy and so has my husband and blogs turn my quotes into “THEY’RE IN COUPLES COUNSELING.” Which even if we were, it’d be beautiful, but it’s turned into complete clickbait BS and we’re like, the D List of celebs.”

Fellow country singer Jason Isabel replied to Maren, “Ooh they’re so worried about y’all I love it when they get so worried” to which she replied, “Hahahahaha we’re livin’ on the razor’s edge.”

Morris continues her tour of England this week.

-Nancy Brooks