Country News

Thomas Rhett releases a brand new album tomorrow (5/31) called Center Point Road and the title and song is quite personal to him.

“Center Point Road, basically, is the street I grew up on 20 minutes north of Nashville in a little town called Hendersonville. A lot of people think that I’m from Georgia because my dad’s from Georgia, and technically I was born in Georgia, but we moved to San Antonio when I was two and then moved to Nashville when I was three, cause my dad signed a record deal in Nashville in ’95. But Center Point Road is a little street that I grew up on and when we wrote the song ‘Center Point Road,’ it was kind of this looking back song of all the things that you cared about when you’re growin’ up and now the things that you don’t care about, your successes, your failures, all your firsts, all your lasts, and all that kind of happened in this little town.”

He continued, “So when we were writing ‘Center Point Road,’ I didn’t think it was going to be the name of the album but I just wanted to write a song about it. And as we started closing the record out it just seemed like it represented so much of the content on this record – the nostalgia of it, the looking back of it. And so much of that road, in a crazy way, shaped who I am today and it made a lot of sense to name our fourth record Center Point Road.”

Rhett posted about the song (which features Kelsea Ballerini) a week ago saying in part, “This song carries the central theme of the whole album, which is nostalgia. When you’re in high school and college you think those times will last forever, but then you wake up and (in my case) you’re almost 30!”

-Nancy Brooks