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I’m from the old school and believe the one true and only Batman is and always will be Adam West.  But, that being said, I do believe that Michael Keaton is a close second!  Everyone else is just a BatPoser! And yes now it has just been announced that yet again, a non-american actor is donning the bat-tights to play the Dark Knight!  I mean Ben Affleck was American and nobody seemed to like him as Bruce/Batman…but I feel like just like Harry Potter had an all UK cast policy…I don’t know…maybe some of our most iconic superheroes should implement the same policy?  I like the actor they’ve chosen to play batman…but don’t really see him in the role.  Maybe he’ll prove me wrong.  We shall see.  Who is the actor that is going to be the next Batman…Robert Pattinson!  I guess there’s a little difference being a vampire bat and the Batman and somehow he is making that transition!  Good luck Robert and don’t mess this up!  FULL STORY HERE