Country News

Little Big Town recently appeared on NBC’s Today show to chat about their new song “The Daughters.” 

Karen Fairchild shared how the song came about from a conversation, “Where’s the God for the daughters? I mean why are we still having these same tired conversations about equality for woman and yes, we’ve made lots of strides but we still have a ways to go. And it just came out of a conversation and then one of those moments just fall out of the sky.”

Kimberly Schlapman, a mother of two daughters added, “If you have a little girl in your life what you want most for them is to have confidence and can do anything that they set their minds to and Phillip [Sweet] and I both have daughters and Jimi [Westbrook] and Karen are a part of raising our daughters because we’re always together. So, we just want to instill in them the love and the confidence to just do what ever they want to do in life.”

Little Big Town will be performing at CNA Fest this week at Nissan Stadium on Thursday night (6/6). The group will also be hosting the CMT Music Awards on Wednesday (6/5).

-Nancy Brooks