Country News

Garth Brooks broke the news today on Entertainment Tonight that he will have a new duet on a song called “Dive Bar” with Blake Shelton. The song will be on Brooks’ upcoming album, Fun.

Garth told Nancy O’Dell, “Blake and I are getting ready to release a duet in the summer. He was fun. He came to the studio and just did a good old summertime anthem. It’s called ‘Dive Bar’ and it just talks about spending your summers in the dive bars across America, and it’s going to be fun.”

Brooks added, “Sometimes I didn’t know if it was me or him, because we’re basically raised around the same area, so it was pretty cool.” Both Brooks and Shelton were born and raised in Oklahoma.

Garth also shared that fans will get to hear the song for the first time live when he and Shelton perform the track at Brooks’ Boise, ID’s Albertsons Stadium show on July 19.

-Nancy Brooks