Country News

Luke Bryan took some time to chat about a hot topic in country music these days: namely, the presence (and often absence) of female artists on the charts.

Before he took the stage as the last act to perform ay CMA Fest’s Nissan Stadium last night (6/9), he told us, “It’s being talked about and I think that’s rule number one. Sometimes I think the business gets so busy you can miss certain aspects of that. So with me it’s something that we talked about, it’s something that when we go book Crash My Playas and when we go to book my Farm tour stuff and I know I’m kind of an offender this year because I have Cole (Swindell) and Jon Lanston [on my tour] and don’t have many girls out this year, but it’s definitely a conversation we have to always… and even going forward.”

He continued, “I have a female manager so certainly we’re always making sure that we do our due diligence to make sure that we’re not missing out on a talented woman out there that’s up and coming. And obviously, a lot of people are talking about it so you gotta make good on all that talk too.”

Of note, it was Luke and his mother who discovered new UMG act Caylee Hammack, brought her to Nashville and got her career going. She has a song called “Family Tree” that is making a mark on the country charts but as of yet has not cracked the top 30.

-Nancy Brooks