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Carrie Underwood’s life right now is pretty chaotic as she tours the U.S. and soon Europe on her massive “Cry Pretty” tour with her two sons and husband in tow.

As Carrie shared with us, having a four month old baby boy on the road as well as her four-year-old son Isaiah can, at times, get crazy. “I must be a duck: like calm on the outside and paddling like crazy underneath. It’s definitely a different ball game because he’s (Jacob) so much younger than Isaiah was when I first took him out, here’s a huge difference between four months and eleven months you know I wasn’t up feeding Isaiah in the middle of the night.”

She explained the dynamic: “It’s like he knows when I have a really early morning or a ton of stuff to do the next day because that’s the night that he’s gonna be up like four or five times. But it’s great where I have the kind of job where I can bring my kids with me. They are around and when I have to step away and go, ‘Mommy has to go work,’ there’s a great support unit around me. When I’m done I come back and we do our best to make things as normal as possible and try to stick to some sort of a schedule and you know, this is our life and I’m lucky that they get to be around.”

Carrie’s “Cry Pretty’ hits Hershey, Pennsylvania and Cincinnati, Ohio this week.

-Nancy Brooks