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Please allow me a second to say, Thank You Dad. Probably like you, cut me and I proudly bleed Red White & Blue. Occasionally, a BIG 957 listener will call and pass on one of the most meaningful compliments ever. It goes something like this.

Me: Hi BIG 957
Caller: Hi Don Chase & Sarah
Me: Hello & good morning.
Caller: I just wanted to thank you for playing the National Anthem and the Pledge of Allegiance every weekday morning.
Me: You are welcome. It is an honor.
Caller: Hope you have a great day. Goodbye.

I truly cherish words like these. From a very early age, my Dad was the one that taught me to fully respect this great United States of America. He instilled a deep appreciation for the flag and for all who put on any type of uniform. Dad was a military man all the way. In fact he spent 8 years in the United States Army followed by another 24 in the United States Air Force. It’s no wonder why I have such a soft spot and tremendous respect for those who wear the uniform of a hero. Want to hear a sad fact? My family would go to great lengths to avoid having their picture taken. If someone broke out a camera, people would almost disappear. Today, I have so few pictures of my Mom or Dad. This Father’s Day weekend, I so wish I could pull a dusty box out of the closet and thumb through a few hundred or so. If you have a collection, do whatever it takes to preserve them. As you get older, they will become priceless. Let me also share with you that my Dad looked more awesome than Superman when wearing his military uniform. One of Dad’s nightly rituals was polishing his boots. It was amazing how those boots would shine.

My Dad passed away in 1991. Lung cancer snatched him away at the young age of 62. Even though it has been nearly 30 years, I miss him so much. The photo attached was probably taken in the mid 1980’s at a family reunion. That is my Dad standing in front of me. My Mom is standing by Dad’s left shoulder.

If you still have your Dad, please show him some special love this Father’s Day weekend. If you need to patch up some old wounds with Dad, do it. Do it before it is too late. And for crying out loud, get that camera and get to clicking. Thank you Dad for so many things. To all Dad’s, Happy Father’s Day weekend to you.