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Dan + Shay are having a huge moment; their songs are huge hits and they’ve been winning one award after another and the guys are spending this moment opening for Florida Georgia Line.

Dam Symers explains to us, “We’re huge fans of FGL I remember when we moved to Nashville and we were just getting started they had just put out ‘Cruise,’ that whole first record was so inspiring to us you know those guys were pushing the envelope and they’re still killing it. They’ve always found a ways to reinvent themselves and keep evolving… Not only is they’re music amazing but they are great friends of ours.”

Dan added, “It’s like one big family out there and it felt right, the timing set right for us to go out on the road together and they hit us up before the business came together, they texted us, ‘Hey let’s go out on the road together’ and we were like, ‘Yeah let’s do it.”

Florida Georgia line’s “Can’t Say I Ain’t Country” tour with Dan + Shat plays shows in Dallas and Mississippi this weekend.

-Nancy Brooks