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Brantley Gilbert and his wife are expecting their second child soon and they recently did a gender reveal announcing that it’s gonna be a little girl.

As Brantley shared with us, he’s gonna be putty in her little hands, “I’ve already told my wife she’ll probably have to be a little harder on the little girl than I will be.”

He continued, “I put a lot of effort into trying to be a little tough on my son and you may not like the way that sound but I’m telling you my son has me in him and he needs some direction.”

Gilbert adds, “Right now we’re just praying for happy and healthy and all my buddies around me a lot of them have daughters and they’ve told me, ‘Man, you’re gonna be wrapped around her finger and man,’ God saw fit to put her in our lives so I’m gonna be her dad and she’ll be my number one priority.”

-Nancy Brooks