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Carly Pearce looks like she’s in love in her latest video “Closer To You” and there’s good reason, she is in love with her video co-star Michael Ray.

Carly shared, “I didn’t feel like I could have anybody else in the ‘Closer to You’ video just because it’s all about him. I got engaged and I don’t think anybody wanted me to be intimate with another guy, and I certainly didn’t. That felt weird. It was a lot easier to be with him verses maybe the guy I was in ‘Every Little Thing’ music video with. That was a little awkward because we jumped into bed right after we met.”

She continued, “But it was interesting to kind of tap into acting with him and trying to make sure that we were playing the right characters for the video. But he’s so fun and funny that it was very easy to be happy and laugh.”

The couple are set to marry sometime this summer, but are keeping the actual wedding date under wraps.

-Nancy Brooks