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Miranda Lambert says that her “fire” is back and she loves that people are starting to notice.

She shared with the Chicago Sun-Times, “I’m thankful people are noticing that. I’ve always had that fire in me, but sometimes, life beats the hell out of you. You go through ups and downs and you go through really hard things in the public eye and it ain’t easy.”

Miranda, who got married to police officer Brenden McLoughlin earlier this year, is not a fan of the public interest in her life. She explained, “It’s probably the thing I hate the most, the thing I hate more than anything. I love getting up on stage and playing music, but I did not sign up for people prying into my private life.”

She continued, “It’s not like I can call in sick in this business. But I never hide from my fans. I am who I am and right now I am genuinely happy. People are telling me I’m glowing from the inside.”

Lambert said of her new music coming soon, “It’s not going to be love song overload or anything like that. I made a career on being a rock and roller and I think fans are going to hear that throughout. And yeah, there is this vibe of being happy that goes through this album. I am really, really happy.”

-Nancy Brooks