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Carrie Underwood tells People in the cover story that she knew when she met Mike Fisher, he was the man for her.

She shared, “I feel like he is the person I was meant to be with.”

The couple met after he attended one of her shows in 2008 and upon dating, she quickly knew he was different. Carrie offered, “I had dated guys and kind of knew, like, ‘No.’ Nothing was ever really wrong, but nothing was really right either. With him, it was like a good partnership. It was an easy relationship to be in.”

Underwood added, “He is so levelheaded about everything, and when I was dealing with everything, not just emotionally but hormonally, when you’re going on that roller coaster of pregnant, not pregnant, pregnant, not pregnant, I was probably not very easy to love, to be honest. And to have somebody so even-keeled, he was my lifeline, keeping me grounded.”

They welcomed son Isaiah, 4, in 2015 and son Jacob this past January. Fisher said of his wife, “I admire Carrie as a mom most. She is so good with our boys and loves us all so well.”

-Nancy Brooks