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Brantley Gilbert has a lot of tattoos, but he’s not one to put a celebrity’s face or an autograph on his body. But some of his fans do.

Brantley admits it’s a bit strange when he sees fans who get him tattooed on their body, “It’s definitely permanent. Yeah, they don’t come off. Honestly, tattoos are as unique to people as their fingerprints are. What’s special to them, who am I to discount what they get or why they got it. To me, yes, it’s extremely weird because if somebody gets my face, it’s my face on somebody else’s arm.”

However, Gilbert gets excited when his song lyrics make it onto a tattoo, “It’s flattering and it’s an extreme case of one of the most rewarding things about what I do for a living, is when somebody comes up and says, ‘Hey man, this song helped me through this’ or ‘I relate to this and it inspires me for this’. Then gettin’ a tattoo of song lyrics is an extreme form of that to me. So that’s cool.”

-Nancy Brooks